Is there a Dating App for Hiv Positive? The only 4 active platforms to use

Is there a Dating App for Hiv Positive?

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Love is a universal language, they say, but sometimes it feels like there are words unspoken, especially when you’re HIV positive.

You’re not alone in this, and guess what?

There’s a whole community waiting for you, in a place where your status is just part of the norm. Stick with us as we introduce you to the world of dating apps made for those living positively with HIV.

Is there a Dating App for Hiv Positive?

If you’re reading this, there’s a high chance that the question has crossed your mind more than once.

Now, let’s tackle the heart of the matter: Yes, there are dating apps designed specifically for people living with HIV.

These platforms are crafted with sensitivity, confidentiality, and safety in mind. They exist, and they are changing the narrative around HIV and dating, one swipe at a time.

Here are the only 4 dating apps for Hiv positive individuals we recommend…

1. Positive Singles

positive singles on the list of dating apps for hiv positive


Back when I first heard of PositiveSingles, my initial reaction was one of surprise, quickly followed by appreciation.

In a world where dating is already a challenge, introducing an added layer, like living with an STD, can make things exponentially more intricate. Here’s where PositiveSingles comes as a beacon of hope.

Founded in 2001, PositiveSingles stands as one of the longest-running platforms catering to individuals with STDs.

While HIV is certainly part of the spectrum, it’s essential to note that the platform embraces those living with various conditions. This includes herpes, HPV, hepatitis, and more.

What drew my attention to PositiveSingles, beyond its impressive tenure, is its philosophy.

They approach dating from an angle of holistic well-being. Instead of focusing solely on the medical aspects, they prioritize who you are outside of your diagnosis.

After all, isn’t that what real connections are built upon? It’s not about the viruses we carry, but the passions, dreams, and quirks that make us who we are.

Navigating the app, you’ll find features that resonate with common dating platforms: profile set-ups, photo uploads, and even a “let’s meet” game.

But where PositiveSingles shines is in its tailored features. The platform offers first-date ideas from its community members, STD-related questions you might want to discuss, and even treatment stories.

Moreover, the platform’s dedication to privacy is commendable.

Considering the sensitivity of the information shared, PositiveSingles uses a secure system, ensuring that your data remains confidential.

There’s an anonymity feature that lets members hide their profiles from specific individuals or show only a portion of their profile picture. This caters to those who wish to maintain a degree of privacy while exploring the world of dating.

But, of course, no platform is without its critiques.

Some users mention a desire for more intuitive features or a more modern design interface. However, with the value it brings to its community, these seem like minor hitches in an otherwise supportive space.

Nonetheless, Positivesingles remains the biggest HIV dating site. In other words, there are a lot more opportunities.

3. eharmony

eharmony on the list of dating apps for hiv positive


Launched in 2000, eharmony is one of the trailblazers in the online dating scene, built on the premise of creating meaningful, lasting connections.

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The platform prides itself on its sophisticated compatibility matching system, which isn’t just about connecting dots but about merging worlds.

Here, the focus shifts from quick swipes to deep dives into personalities, values, and desires for the future.

As someone who has gone through the eharmony experience, you’ll notice it’s less about your current status and more about your life’s aspirations.

The lengthy questionnaire at the onset could be a hurdle to some; but it’s actually a bridge to a land where understanding reigns supreme.

While eharmony doesn’t specifically cater to individuals with HIV, its depth allows for the facets of your life, perhaps including an HIV diagnosis, to be interwoven into your story naturally and subtly.

Moreover, eharmony’s structure fosters a sense of safety and seriousness.

Profiles are detailed; intentions are clarified. This isn’t a platform for fleeting encounters but for potential life partnerships.

For someone living with HIV, this seriousness can provide a foundation upon which honest, unprejudiced relationships can be built, even if the platform doesn’t center around this aspect of your life.

However, it’s crucial to maintain a balanced view. eHarmony comes with a price tag.

Additionally, some users might find the initial questionnaire a bit daunting. The platform’s broadness, not specifically tailored to any health condition or community, might also feel too open for those seeking a more niche space.

Now, if you’re looking for variety, I give it up to eHarmony.

3. POZ Personals

Poz personals for hiv positive


Established in 2005, POZ Personals isn’t your run-of-the-mill dating platform.

This site is embedded in a larger narrative, one of advocacy, education, and community support for those living with HIV.

It’s a place where the question, “How do I tell them I’m HIV positive?” transforms into “How do we learn and grow together?”

Navigating through POZ Personals, it becomes evident that there’s a heartbeat here that goes beyond romantic quests.

The platform offers various avenues not just for connection, but for enlightenment as well.

Just like Positive Singles, there’s an entire section dedicated to information and news related to HIV, which helps you stay abreast of the latest in research, treatment, and advocacy efforts.

The platform also features “POZ Stories,” where members share their journeys, struggles, triumphs, and, yes, love stories.

Reading through them, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of solidarity, a reminder that love and life go beyond any health condition.

These narratives aren’t just inspirational; they’re testaments to the resilience of the human spirit and the universal longing for companionship and acceptance.

Privacy, a crucial concern for many, is handled deftly by POZ Personals. You’re in control of what you share, ensuring that your journey of opening up to the world and potential partners is as comfortable and empowering as possible.

Plus, the platform’s strict no-scammer policy reinforces a sense of safety, which is paramount in online spaces today.

However, nothing is perfect.

Just like Positive Singles, there are a lot of complaints about the old look and the unavailability of the platform on a mobile app.

4. PozMatch

Pozmatch for hiv positive singles


PozMatch, born in the late 1990s, can be seen as a pioneer in the HIV positive dating community.

It’s fascinating to see how this platform has evolved over time.

The website echoes a time-tested stability, a reassurance that you’re not stepping into uncharted territory but a community that has grown and thrived through decades.

What’s instantly noticeable about PozMatch is its simplicity. This isn’t a platform trying to dazzle with extravagant features; it’s here with a purpose — to connect positive singles globally.

The interface reflects this straightforwardness, facilitating easy navigation. Some might argue the design needs a modern touch, but let’s not forget, sometimes, charm lies in authenticity and consistency.

PozMatch stands out with its inclusivity. It isn’t restricted to romantic endeavors; it also welcomes those seeking friendships and support.

This aspect particularly resonated with me, highlighting that it’s not just about romance but human connection.

Living with HIV can be a journey walked with dignity and strength, especially when you have companions who understand.

Privacy and safety, crucial to any dating platform, are given paramount importance here.

PozMatch allows you to take full control over what you wish to disclose, ensuring your journey is one of comfort and confidence.

The site’s policy against fake profiles and spammers is a testament to its dedication to creating a secure space for its members.

However, no review is complete without a nod to areas with room for growth.

PozMatch could benefit from a mobile app, making access for members more convenient in the digital age. Additionally, while simplicity is its charm, a few additional interactive features could enhance user experience without compromising its core values.


These apps are not just digital spaces but communities.

So, is there a dating app for HIV positive folks? Absolutely, and they’re waiting for you to take the first step towards new connections and new beginnings.

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