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Dating app for stoners

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We all have our likes and dislikes, right?

For some of us, enjoying a little green is one of those likes. And wouldn’t it be nice if we could find a partner who gets it too?

A Specialized Dating App or a Mainstream App?

At first glance, a specialized dating app might seem like the dream solution. I mean, it cuts to the chase, right?

Everyone on there enjoys the green leaf as much as you do. The advantage here is clear: immediate common ground. On a platform where every member has a shared interest in cannabis, there’s a certain ease.

You don’t have to wonder when or how to bring up your love for weed, and there’s no awkward moment when you realize your date is totally against it.

Plus, there’s the added bonus of discovering and sharing new strains, weed-related activities, or even attending cannabis events together. A specialized app may also provide a sense of community, where not only romance but also friendships can flourish.

However, it’s also worth considering that by narrowing down the pool to only cannabis enthusiasts, you might be missing out on some fantastic people who might not use cannabis themselves but are entirely open-minded about it.

I’ve known couples where only one person is a stoner, and they have a blissful relationship built on mutual respect for each other’s choices.

On the flip side, mainstream dating apps offer a vast user base. The chances of finding someone geographically closer or with a broader array of interests can be higher.

Sure, you might have to sift through profiles, and yes, occasionally you might bump into someone who’s not cool with your lifestyle. But mainstream apps offer diversity. And sometimes, love is found in the most unexpected places, amidst differences.

So, which should you choose?

The answer isn’t one-size-fits-all.

If you’re someone who’s deeply embedded in the cannabis culture and wants someone on the same wavelength, a specialized app might be your best bet.

But if you’re open to a wider pool of potential partners, mainstream apps could be worth the shot.

The list of Dating Apps for Stoners

We explored a variety of dating apps dedicated to creating friendly spaces for stoners and cannabis enthusiasts.

After a thorough review, we’ve narrowed down the selection and here are the top 4 that stood out from the rest

420 Singles

420 Singles an app dedicated for stoners

Site: https://420singles.com/

When I first stumbled upon “420 Singles,” I’ll admit, I was intrigued.

Here was a platform specifically designed for those of us who appreciate the cannabis lifestyle, promising connections that go beyond just shared interests in weed.

The first thing that stands out about 420 Singles is its user-friendly interface.

Signing up was a breeze, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a diverse group of individuals, all united by their love of cannabis.

The profiles felt genuine, and there’s an authenticity to the community that I’ve found missing in some other niche dating apps.

Navigating the app was smooth. Features like the chat function worked seamlessly, and there was no overwhelming bombardment of ads.

The search filters allowed for a decent amount of customization, which made narrowing down potential matches much easier.

Of course, like any app, there were a few downsides. While the user base is growing, it’s still not as extensive as some mainstream apps. So, depending on your location, you might find fewer local options. But then again, the very essence of this app is its specialization.

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In my time using 420 Singles, I’ve had a mix of interesting conversations, some leading to virtual dates, and some just friendly chats about favorite strains and weed-related experiences.


eharmony on the list of dating apps for stoners

Site: https://www.eharmony.com/

eharmony isn’t new to the dating game. With years under its belt, it’s become one of the stalwarts in the online dating community.

When I ventured into the eharmony world, I was both skeptical and curious.

Skeptical because it’s not specifically geared toward stoners like some niche apps, but curious to see how a broader platform like this might cater to someone with my interests.

One of eharmony’s biggest strengths is its detailed personality test.

It’s thorough, probing, and it takes a bit of time – but for good reason.

The platform uses this to provide tailored matches, focusing on deep compatibility.

Now, while it doesn’t ask outright about your stance on cannabis, the detailed profiling means you’re likely to match with open-minded individuals, or at the very least, someone compatible with your lifestyle.

The app’s user base is extensive.

This means two things: firstly, you’ve got a vast pool of potential matches, increasing your chances of finding someone compatible.

And secondly, while eharmony doesn’t focus on stoners, given its massive user count, there’s a good chance you’ll find fellow cannabis enthusiasts or those who are accepting of it.

Navigating the platform was fairly straightforward.

The interface is clean, and the emphasis is clearly on getting to know your matches on a deeper level.

Conversations felt genuine, and there’s a certain maturity to the user base that I appreciated.

High there!

High there, a dating app for stoners

Site: https://highthere.com/

One thing clear about this platform is the fact that it’s not just another dating app. Rather, it’s a unique blend of social media, news, and a vibrant community for cannabis aficionados.

The first thing that caught my attention on “High There!” was the sheer diversity of content.

From the latest news in the world of cannabis to tips and tricks for enthusiasts, the app keeps its users well-informed. It’s a refreshing shift from the usual dating-centric apps, offering a platform where cannabis lovers can learn, engage, and connect on a broader spectrum.

Navigating “High There!” felt smooth. The interface is intuitive, ensuring even someone like me, new to the platform, could find my way around with ease. The news section is regularly updated, making it a reliable source for staying in the loop about the ever-evolving cannabis industry.

But what truly stands out is the community aspect. Users can connect, share experiences, discuss their favorite strains, and even give or receive advice on various cannabis-related topics. It felt like a safe space, a haven where being a cannabis enthusiast is celebrated, not just an afterthought.

While “High There!” might not be the go-to for those strictly looking to date, it offers something arguably more profound.

Blazr (Formerly known as my420mates)

Site: https://blazr.app/

For many in the cannabis community, “my420mates” was a familiar name. Having rebranded to “Blazr,” I was intrigued to see if the app had not only changed in name but also in its offering.

From the get-go, it’s clear that Blazr has made efforts to modernize.

The user interface feels fresh, more intuitive, and easier on the eyes. For those familiar with its predecessor, this upgrade is a welcome change.

Signing up is hassle-free, and I was soon navigating through the app, exploring profiles of fellow cannabis enthusiasts.

Blazr maintains its commitment to connecting people who have a shared love for weed.

Profile questions and prompts delve into one’s relationship with cannabis, ensuring that users can find matches that align with their preferences, whether it’s a love for sativas, edibles, or cannabis-infused yoga sessions.

What I particularly appreciated was the app’s attempt to foster genuine connections. It’s not just about swiping right or left. Conversations on Blazr often went beyond the typical “What’s your favorite strain?”

People discussed cannabis-related events, the cultural significance of weed in different countries, and the nuances of the ever-evolving legal landscape.

However, a point to consider is that Blazr, like other niche apps, has a more limited user base compared to the mainstream giants.

While there’s a concentrated pool of cannabis enthusiasts, those in less populated areas might find fewer local matches.

That said, the revamped design, combined with its dedicated focus on the cannabis community, makes Blazr a solid choice for those seeking connections rooted in shared green interests.

Whether you remember it as “my420mates” or are discovering it anew as Blazr, there’s no denying its commitment to bringing the cannabis community closer, one match at a time.


A snapshot of match dating site homepage

Site: https://www.match.com/

“Match” is not a newcomer to the world of online dating. With a legacy spanning decades, it’s one of the pioneering platforms that has seen the evolution of digital connections. So, diving into Match, I was keen to see how this veteran platform, with its broad spectrum, catered to the unique interests of cannabis enthusiasts like myself.

The very essence of Match is its vast and diverse user base. Whether you’re into hiking, movies, art, or yes, cannabis, there’s a good chance you’ll find someone with overlapping interests. While not explicitly geared towards the cannabis community, its extensive profiling during sign-up means you can highlight and search based on specific interests, including our beloved green.

Navigating Match is like walking through a bustling city. There’s a bit of everything. The interface, polished and intuitive, makes it easy to sift through potential matches, send winks, or initiate conversations. The platform’s algorithm also does a decent job, suggesting matches based on compatibility.

But here’s the catch – while you can indicate your cannabis interest, not everyone on Match is necessarily on board. This means that while you’ll find fellow enthusiasts, you might also encounter profiles indifferent or even opposed to the idea of cannabis. But that’s the beauty of Match – its very diversity means it’s a melting pot of perspectives.

For the cannabis enthusiast, Match is like a vast ocean where you cast your net, hoping to reel in someone who shares your interests. The chances are there, but it requires a bit of patience and perhaps a willingness to educate and share your passion with those less acquainted.

Which do we recommend?

If you’re looking for a platform solely dedicated to the cannabis community, then “High There!” and “Blazr” (formerly known as “my420mates”) take the lead. They provide spaces where every profile you come across shares your passion. No need to navigate awkward conversations or tiptoe around the subject. It’s all out in the open, making these apps great for those deeply rooted in the cannabis culture.

However, if you’re open to a broader spectrum, willing to find someone who might share other mutual interests, and are patient enough to explore, “Match” and “eharmony” stand out. They offer extensive user bases and a chance to find someone who either shares your love for cannabis or is open-minded about it. The key here is patience and clear communication.

Lastly, for a blend of cannabis-centric and broad dating, “420 Singles” strikes a nice balance. With a dedicated focus on cannabis enthusiasts but a design akin to more mainstream apps, it’s kind of like having the best of both worlds.


The world of dating can be daunting. With so many apps and options, finding the right one might feel like finding a needle in a haystack. But if you’re someone who loves to light up every once in a while (or maybe more often), a specialized dating app might just be the way to go.

Remember, it’s not just about shared interests, but about genuine connections. And who knows? Your next date might just be a click (and a puff) away.

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