5 Dating app for Vegans

5 Dating app for Vegans

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In a world where choices define our lives, who we choose to date is a big decision.

If you’re someone who loves greens more than meat, finding someone with the same preference can be a challenge.

Welcome to the green side of dating apps!

In this post, we’re diving into five dating apps made for vegans like you, to help you find a heart that beats for love, compassion, and a plant-based lifestyle.

Dating App for Vegans


Veggly dating app for vegans

Site: https://www.veggly.net/

Veggly was the brainchild of Alex Felipelli, who realized the potential for a dating platform that caters to individuals adhering to a plant-based lifestyle, following his personal experiences in the dating world post-divorce.

Launched in October 2018, Veggly aimed to bridge the gap between plant lovers in the romantic realm, providing a space where vegans and vegetarians could connect over shared dietary preferences and values​.

The app is user-friendly and designed with the aim to connect individuals for friendship, romance, or even intriguing plant-based discussions. It’s available for both Android and iOS, making it accessible for a broad spectrum of users.

The user base, although not as large as mainstream dating apps, is growing, indicative of the shifting dietary trends and increasing acceptance of plant-based lifestyles globally.

One of the features that stand out about Veggly is its community-centric approach.

A survey conducted by Veggly showed that a significant portion of its vegan users, about 52%, would not consider a relationship with a carnivore, illuminating the importance of shared dietary choices in romantic relationships.

With over 500,000 users worldwide, the app encompasses not just vegans and vegetarians, but also those transitioning into a herbivore lifestyle, making it a diverse and inclusive platform​​.

Safety on a dating platform is like having a sturdy fence around your garden, essential and reassuring.

Veggly has been noted for its safety, scoring a safety rating of 75.6/100 based on an analysis of over 1,306 user reviews from the App Store, where it also holds a commendable rating of 4.1/5​​.

Now, every rose has its thorns, and Veggly is no exception. The app’s user interface has room for improvement.

Some users have pointed out the absence of an indicator showing the last active status of individuals, which could potentially save one’s time and energy while navigating through profiles​.

Furthermore, while Veggly is a sanctuary for plant-based love, its user base doesn’t compare to that of mainstream apps like Bumble or Hinge.

Especially in less densely populated areas, finding a match might pose a challenge. Hence, keeping your garden open to other dating platforms alongside Veggly might increase the chances of finding that special someone who shares your love for greens.

Green Singles

Green Singles in the list of dating app for vegans

Site: https://www.greensingles.com/

Green Singles caters to a unique crowd of individuals who are vegan, green, and spiritually conscious.

The site attracts those who are interested in issues related to social justice, politics, animal rights, environmental conservation, and more, creating a community of open-minded and conscious individuals

The roots of Green Singles date back to 1985 when it started as a newsletter, but it officially became a dating platform in 1996. It’s a private, family-owned company managed by vegetarians, embodying a long history in the green and vegan dating scene

Green Singles boasts a global membership, creating a small yet active community.

The website facilitates connections among individuals regardless of their gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, emphasizing a shared interest in green and ethical living.

The platform has a near modern look, with a straightforward registration process that takes about 15 minutes or less. Its design is clean, incorporating a combination of white and green colors that are pleasing to its intended audience.

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The usability is beginner-friendly, and members can create a detailed profile, outlining their interests, physical attributes, and what they are looking for in a partner

Members can engage in basic or advanced searches, sorting results based on activity, new memberships, or membership status.

A unique feature is the GreenShare program where 5 percent of the profits are shared with non-profit groups committed to protecting people, animals, and the earth.

Besides, there’s a fun icebreaker message feature, and a newsletter which covers various topics including environmental issues and more.

Unfortunately, one of the downsides is that Green Singles does not have a mobile app version, which might be a drawback for those who prefer dating on the go


Match on the list of dating apps for vegans

Site: https://www.match.com/

Match.com, widely known as Match, has been in the online dating arena long before swiping left or right became a thing.

Its legacy spans back to 1995, making it a veteran in connecting hearts across the digital realm.

Unlike vegan-centric platforms, Match doesn’t specifically cater to the vegan or vegetarian community; however, its broad user base and detailed profile setup might just help green enthusiasts find their plant-based match.

One of the pillars that uphold Match’s reputation is its diversity.

According to their website, their members are a medley of ages, with 19% being between the ages of 18 and 29, 44% falling within the 30 to 49 bracket, and 37% being 50 and up.

Moreover, a good chunk of their members are educated, with eight in 10 having attended college or owning a degree. Interestingly, 59% are single parents, making Match a melting pot of different life experiences and backgrounds​.

When it comes to safety, Match has recently beefed up its features by partnering with Garbo, a background check service.

This addition is designed to add an extra layer of safety, helping users screen their dates before deciding to meet up in person.

Additionally, the platform offers several add-on features like Reply for Free, Private Mode, Email Read Notification, and matchPhone, which lets you call and text matches without revealing your actual phone number​​.

While not a dedicated space for vegans or vegetarians, the exhaustive list of screening questions during the profile setup phase could potentially align you with someone who shares your love for greens.

These questions encompass a spectrum of life aspects including relationship status, parenting, appearance, lifestyle (which could cover dietary preferences), education, faith, ethnicity, hometown, languages spoken, career, political views, and even pet preferences.

This thorough profiling could potentially sieve through the vast user base to find those individuals whose lifestyle resonates with yours​.

Match’s longevity in the dating industry is a testament to its effectiveness.

As mentioned in various reviews, it’s known for its detailed-rich profiles and ease of use, while also being recognized as a pioneer in the online dating space with a large number of members globally, which is a testament to its effectiveness and popularity​


eharmony on the list of dating apps for vegans

Site: https://www.eharmony.com/

Now, as a person who appreciates order and method in the chaos that dating often is, eHarmony presents a breath of fresh air.

Though not specifically catered to vegans or vegetarians, its detailed matching system could work wonders for those with strong lifestyle preferences such as a plant-based diet.

eHarmony has been in the online dating arena for over two decades, adapting and evolving with the times, yet maintaining its core essence of creating meaningful connections based on deep compatibility.

It boasts of having helped over 2 million people find love online, with a weekly message exchange of 2.3 million among matches, painting a picture of active engagement on the platform​.

The heart of eHarmony lies in its robust compatibility matching system.

When you sign up, you’re ushered into answering around 80 compatibility test questions that probe into your likes, dislikes, communication style, and what motivates you.

The answers to these questions are distilled into a Personality Profile which, in turn, is used to identify potential matches who resonate with your persona.

You are given a compatibility score with each match, ranging from 60 to 140, based on your life goals, habits, and interests. A score of 100 is considered a good starting point, encouraging you to reach out to matches with a score of 100 or higher​.

Now, while eHarmony isn’t vegan-centric, its comprehensive profiling could help vegans find like-minded individuals.

The platform’s algorithm could potentially align you with individuals who share your plant-based lifestyle, or at the very least, are open and respectful towards it.

It’s mentioned that vegans with great personalities have been found on eHarmony, indicating that the platform does harbor a diverse user base​.

Additionally, larger dating platforms like eHarmony may house a significant number of vegan and vegetarian users compared to smaller niche sites, making it a viable choice for those in the plant-based community​.

The platform has a neat, user-friendly interface and offers various communication tools to interact with potential matches.

The only hiccup might be the cost, as eHarmony is on the pricier side compared to other dating apps. But the investment could be worth it if you’re in search of a long-term, meaningful relationship.


Veggiedate homepage

Site: https://veggiedate.org/

VeggieDate’s journey transports you back to the late 90s, where the internet was a novelty and web design was in its infancy.

Now, having been someone who’s always on the lookout for niche dating platforms, VeggieDate piqued my curiosity.

However, it’s not the sleek, modern platform you might be accustomed to.

Rather, it’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane, right back to when dial-up internet was a thing.

Founded in 1999, this platform has been around for a while, hosting a community of individuals who identify as straight, gay, or lesbian and share a passion for vegetarian or vegan lifestyles​.

The platform’s layout and design are reminiscent of the early days of the internet.

The aesthetics scream 90s, which could be a charm for some but a turn-off for others.

The user interface, laden with clunky features and a color scheme that’s a blast from the past, doesn’t provide the smoothest user experience.

The registration process is a journey of its own.

Prepare to go through a series of questions presented in a format that harkens back to the early days of web forms.

It’s a lengthy process, with a waiting period that tests your patience before your profile goes live.

Once on the platform, you’ll find basic features such as a search function and a messaging platform.

Free users have the liberty to respond to messages, which is a plus. However, if you wish to initiate a conversation, that’s a privilege reserved for paid members​.

While VeggieDate stays true to its original design, the lack of modernization has its downsides.

The platform’s user traffic is on the lower end of the spectrum, which might limit your chances of finding a match.

The absence of a mobile app further compounds this issue, restricting access to desktop browsers​.

Customer satisfaction, as noted in a review, leans towards the lower end with a rating of 46 out of 100. The review attributes this to a poor userbase, which significantly impacts the user experience.

Which Platform should you go with?

At Teki360, we generally don’t endorse niche dating sites, as they can be very inactive.

In other words, at the top of the list, we’d normally promote Match or eHarmony if you’re serious about getting a life partner.

However, if your vegan lifestyle is a non-negotiable and you yearn for a partner who shares the same green ethos, platforms like Veggly, Green Singles, or VeggieDate could be your go-to sanctuaries.

Veggly, for instance, has a user-friendly interface and a growing user base, making it a viable option for young, tech-savvy vegans.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who doesn’t mind exploring beyond the vegan circle or perhaps is open to meeting individuals who are veg-curious, broader platforms like eHarmony,

Match might also suit your fancy.

eHarmony and Match, with their thorough compatibility tests, provide a more nuanced approach to matchmaking.

They delve deeper than just dietary preferences, covering facets of personality, lifestyle, and life goals which could be crucial for long-term compatibility.

Also, let’s not forget the realm of possibilities that come with a broad-based platform.

Meeting someone who isn’t already vegan but is open-minded could lead to meaningful discussions and perhaps, a gradual transition towards a shared vegan lifestyle.

Cost could be another deciding factor.

Platforms like VeggieDate offer a free membership, albeit with limited features, while others like eHarmony and Match come with subscription plans that unlock a plethora of features to enhance your dating experience.

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