The Only 5 Dating Apps For Goths We Recommend

dating apps for goths

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Have you ever felt like your goth lifestyle just doesn’t cut it on regular dating apps? Like you’re a shadow in a world full of color? I know people who’ve been there too.

But hold onto your black hats and lace gloves, because there’s good news. We’re about to explore the world of dating apps made specially for goths. Finally, a place where everyone can be their true selves in the search for love.

Are Dating Apps for Goths worth it?

When we talk about niche dating apps, like those catered towards goths, there’s always a blend of excitement and skepticism.

I mean, it’s natural to wonder if such specialized platforms can truly offer something of value. So, are dating apps for goths worth it?


1. Tailored Experience: One of the most significant benefits of these apps is the tailored experience. You’re not just another face in the crowd; you’re amongst individuals who understand and appreciate the gothic lifestyle. The uniqueness of your style, music taste, or worldview isn’t just tolerated; it’s celebrated.

2. Avoid Misunderstandings: Ever had to explain your love for gothic art or music to someone who just didn’t get it? On these platforms, that’s less of a concern. You start conversations with common ground, making connections more genuine.

3. Increased Safety and Understanding: Most of these apps ensure safety protocols, and since the user base is more specific, there’s a higher chance of mutual respect. Users tend to be more understanding and less judgmental because, well, they’re looking for the same things as you!


1. Lower User Count: Here’s the reality check. Niche dating apps, by definition, cater to a smaller segment of the population. So, you might not find thousands of profiles like on mainstream dating apps. For some, this can feel limiting.

2. Less Active Users: Stemming from the point above, there’s also the chance that a good portion of the users might not be active. It’s not uncommon to come across profiles that haven’t been updated in months. This can be a bit disheartening if you’re enthusiastic and actively searching.

3. Potential for Stagnation: While it’s great to connect with like-minded individuals, it can sometimes lead to repetitive conversations if the platform doesn’t offer diverse ways to interact.

In my personal experience, trying out a dating app for goths was a bit of a mixed bag. The tailored experience felt refreshing, but the challenges were also evident. It’s akin to shopping in a boutique store versus a supermarket. The collection might be limited, but each piece resonates with a distinct quality.

So should you go after them?

It boils down to patience and what you’re seeking.

If you’re tired of the blank stares when you express your love for gothic lore and are willing to possibly wade through a smaller user pool, then yes, they can be totally worth it.

But be prepared for fewer options and possibly slower match rates. After all, good things come to those who wait, right?

Personally, that’s the reason we at teki360 try to make well-rounded lists and recommendations that should cover both the possibility of a broader audience (e.g Match) and a smaller audience like some heavily niched dating apps for goth which we cover below.

The 5 Dating Apps for Goths

We practically tested a couple of dating apps that promise safe places for users with the Gothic lifestyle. We reviewed them as much as we could, and here are the 5 that topped the list.


A snapshot of match dating site homepage


For people deeply rooted in the goth culture, venturing into a mainstream dating platform like Match might seem a tad out of place.

Let’s be honest, when we think of Match, the immediate picture that comes to mind isn’t a realm of dark aesthetics or Bauhaus playlists. Yet, here’s my take after giving it a whirl.

Match boasts a vast user base, and with its advanced search and filter features, one can genuinely tailor their experience.

Although the platform isn’t inherently goth-centric, the sheer volume of users means there’s a good chance of finding individuals who either identify with the culture or are appreciative of it.

It’s like searching for a specific book in a vast library; it might take a moment, but it’s there.

Profile creation allows for detailed personalization, which is a boon.

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Here, you can express your gothic interests, whether it’s literature, music, or fashion, and attract like-minded individuals.

The app’s algorithm does its best to match you with compatible profiles, though, like with any algorithm, it’s not perfect.

But here’s the thing, if you’re solely looking for a gothic partner, Match might feel a bit broad.

However, if you’re open to connecting with individuals who might be goth-friendly or are just looking to understand and appreciate our unique culture, it’s a worthy place to start.

And since it’s a big dating app, you’ll have an overall better dating experience compared to most dating sites specifically tailored to goths.


Screenshot of Altscene dating platform that works well for goths


Stepping into AltScene, I felt like this was an attempt to create a sanctuary for folks who live and breathe alternative culture, goths included.

Now, this isn’t a platform exclusively for goths; rather, it’s a melting pot for everyone who stands out from the conventional dating crowd: emos, punks, metalheads, and yes, goths.

The sign-up process? Quite straightforward.

One thing you’ll notice immediately is that it doesn’t pigeonhole you into standard categories. You’re free to express your musical tastes, your fashion preferences, and your lifestyle choices. That’s a breath of fresh air for someone who’s tired of trying to fit into the ‘Other’ category on mainstream apps.

However, let’s talk numbers. AltScene is niche, and while it’s a haven for diversity, the user base isn’t massive.

You’re not going to see new faces popping up every second, which is both good and bad. Good because you won’t feel overwhelmed, and bad because, well, more options wouldn’t hurt, right?

The interface feels a bit… retro. It’s not the slickest platform out there, but it gets the job done. You can search for potential matches with specific filters, which is crucial. You don’t have to waste time sifting through profiles that are way off from your interests.

But here’s a heads-up: you might encounter some inactive profiles.

It seems like AltScene hasn’t escaped the common plight of smaller dating platforms. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it does mean you might have to exercise a bit more patience.

In terms of the vibe, AltScene does feel like a community.

It’s not just about dating; it’s about finding someone who gets your lifestyle, your look, and your interests. That sense of understanding and acceptance? Priceless.

Facebook Groups

Facebook on the list of dating platforms that could work for goths

Now, you might be raising an eyebrow, wondering how a feature from the social media behemoth can serve as a dating avenue for goths. Let me break it down.

First off, Facebook isn’t inherently a dating platform, and this is crucial to note. It’s more about building communities based on shared interests.

And in that vast ocean of groups, there are many dedicated to gothic culture: its music, fashion, literature, and yes, even dating.

Here are some of the top ones we found:

  1. Goth, Steampunk & Victorian Gothic Amazing Beauty
  2. Goth Girls Dating
  3. Goth Unlimited
  4. Goth/Alt Friends

Jumping into one of these gothic Facebook Groups, you’ll find a mix of posts: event promotions, music suggestions, fashion photos, and individuals introducing themselves. It’s more relaxed, less pressure.

Surprisingly, this is one of my personal best platform for people into goths.

You’re not immediately thrust into a dating environment, which can feel refreshing. Instead, you connect over shared interests, diving into conversations, joining virtual events, or even planning meet-ups.

Now, the beauty of this approach?

You’re not limited by an algorithm or a set number of swipes per day. It’s organic. If someone’s post or comment resonates with you, you can easily start a chat. And who knows where a simple chat might lead?

But (and there’s always a but), there are some challenges to be aware of.

Not everyone in these groups is there to date. Some are just looking for friends or music recommendations. You’ve got to be respectful and ensure you’re not coming off too strong or misreading signals.

Additionally, being on Facebook, privacy might be a concern for some.

Always remember to check your privacy settings and be cautious about how much personal information you share. A sense of community is great, but online safety should always come first.


Gothpassions - dating app for goths


When I first stumbled upon GothPassions, I must admit, there was a twinge of excitement. A platform that sounds like it’s dedicated to the goth community? Sign me up!

But does it live up to that initial thrill? Let’s dissect my experience.

GothPassions markets itself as a “free online dating & social networking community site for Goth singles.”

The emphasis on it being more than a dating site is evident from the get-go. It’s about fostering a communal space for those who resonate with the goth culture, offering a space to discuss everything from goth literature and music to fashion and yes, find potential partners.

The registration is pretty standard, though I did appreciate the goth-related questions, which nudged me to express my identity more thoroughly. It felt like stepping into an online world that said, “Your kind is welcome and celebrated here.”

Now, the interface won’t win any awards for modernity.

It harks back to the early days of the internet, which, depending on your view, could be charmingly nostalgic or a bit off-putting.

Functionality-wise, it offers the basics: messaging, forums, and the ability to create friend lists.

However, it’s essential to address user activity.

GothPassions suffers from what many niche dating sites do: a lack of it.

While you can find genuine profiles, there are several that haven’t been touched in months, if not years. It’s like an old town with a few die-hard residents still holding the fort.

The forums and groups provide a more consistent pulse of activity, though, and this is where GothPassions shines. It’s less about swiping left or right and more about engaging in discussions, sharing songs, or venting about common misconceptions of the goth lifestyle.

Gothic Match

Gothic match dating platform


From the outset, Gothic Match flaunts itself as one of the pioneers in the gothic dating scene.

Having been around for a while, it boasts a relatively significant number of members, which is always a promising sign for any niche dating site. No one likes wandering through digital ghost towns, after all.

The sign-up process is fairly intuitive.

There’s a sense that they understand their target audience.

I was prompted not just with standard questions, but also those relating to my gothic interests. Music, literature, fashion—it felt genuinely tailored, a nod to those elements that form the backbone of our culture.

The user interface feels modern enough, with a hint of gothic flair.

It’s user-friendly and makes navigating through profiles a breeze.

One standout feature is the “Gothic ideas” section, a space where users can share stories, experiences, and more, making the platform feel more community-driven rather than just a dating hub.

Now, while it’s all well and good to have a dedicated space, the efficacy of any dating site boils down to its active user base.

On this front, Gothic Match seems to be holding its ground.

Sure, you’ll find profiles that haven’t been active for a while, but there’s still a decent amount of interaction and new sign-ups. A refreshing aspect? Many members are genuinely interested in long-term connections, not just fleeting encounters.

However, like any platform, it’s not without its flaws. There are reports about occasional glitches, and the subscription costs might be a bit steep for some, especially considering the niche audience.

What’s our verdict?

Finding a niche dating site, especially one as distinctive as the gothic community, can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

But as we’ve explored, there are platforms, both mainstream and niche, that attempt to bridge this gap.

Whether it’s the expansive nature of Facebook Groups, the dedicated ethos of Gothic Match, or the communal feel of GothPassions, each offers its own flavor to the mix.

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