“Online Dating Is a Waste of Time for Guys”—5 Reasons It’s Not

"Online Dating Is a Waste of Time for Guys"—5 Reasons It's Not

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Not too long ago, online dating was considered the last resort for the desperate or socially awkward. But times have changed.

Today, where careers and commitments take up most of our time, finding love the ‘traditional’ way has become a challenge.

Some men still believe online dating is futile, but is it really a waste of time? Here are five reasons why we think it’s not.

Why Online Dating Is not a waste of time?

1. Efficiency

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room—time. The phrase “time is money” has never been more accurate than in today’s hustle culture.

But what if you could date in a way that doesn’t require you to abandon your work, family commitments, or even your favorite hobbies?

Online dating lets you do just that. Through apps and websites, you can connect with potential partners while you’re on your lunch break, waiting for a friend, or winding down before bed.

The ability to do efficiently is one reason online dating is not a waste of time

That’s efficient dating—no need to set aside an entire evening for a blind date that may or may not work out.

2. Targeted Searches

Imagine walking into a bar with hundreds of people. Now, try figuring out which ones are single, interested in you, and share common interests.

Seems overwhelming, right?

Online dating platforms often come with a variety of filters that help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

The filter option on tinder
The filter option on tinder

Want a partner who loves dogs and enjoys outdoor activities? Adjust your search settings. This way, you can already establish a basic compatibility even before you send the first message.

3. Initial Conversations

We all know that initial conversations can be awkward, and they’re even more stressful when you’re worried about wasting your time.

With online dating, you can engage in meaningful conversations without the immediate pressure of an in-person meeting.

Sure, chatting online might not fully replicate face-to-face interactions, but it can provide valuable insights into the person you’re talking to.

Think of it as a pre-date screening. By the time you meet up, you’ll have a better sense of whether a deeper connection is possible.

4. Less Pressure, More Authenticity

Here’s a factor many men don’t consider: less pressure often leads to more genuine interactions. When you’re in a bar, club, or any social setting, there’s an underlying sense of urgency to make a good impression.

This might cause you to put up a facade, or worse, it might make the other person do the same. Online dating offers a buffer.

You get time to think about your responses, to be yourself, and to open up gradually. While it’s true that people can misrepresent themselves online, they can do the same offline. The key is to be vigilant in either setting.

5. Wide Reach

Last but definitely not least, let’s talk about reach. Unless you’re living in a major city, your choices may be somewhat limited in terms of potential partners.

Even then, hectic schedules can prevent you from meeting new people.

Online dating breaks geographical barriers, enabling you to connect with individuals you might never have crossed paths with otherwise.

For the romantically adventurous, this expands your dating pool exponentially and could be the key to finding a lasting relationship.

Why Online Dating May Seem Like a Waste of Time

Okay, so we’ve covered why online dating is not a waste of time, but let’s not ignore the elephant in the room.

For a lot of men, online dating starts with high hopes only to end with disappointing interactions or even complete radio silence.

It can feel like you’re throwing messages into the void, expecting at least one meaningful connection, yet getting nothing in return.

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So these are actually the reasons why some people despise dating online:

1. Unresponsive Matches

You match with someone, send a greeting, and… crickets.

Or maybe you have a great initial conversation only for it to fizzle out without explanation. It’s frustrating and honestly, a bit demoralizing. When this happens repeatedly, it’s easy to think, “Why am I even bothering?”

2. The Paradox of Choice

Sometimes, having too many options can be a bad thing. It’s called the paradox of choice.

The many people on dating apps

When you’re scrolling through endless profiles, you may find yourself less satisfied because you’re always wondering if there’s someone better just a swipe away. This cycle can make the whole experience feel trivial and, you guessed it, like a massive waste of time.

3. Superficial Interactions

Let’s be real, some people are on dating apps for reasons that have nothing to do with forming a genuine relationship.

They may be after an ego boost, or they’re simply killing time. When you encounter these profiles, it’s easy to become cynical.

4. Investment Without Returns

You’ve crafted your profile, you’re sending thoughtful messages, and yet nothing seems to pan out.

It feels like a bad investment, doesn’t it? Time and emotional energy are valuable resources, and nobody wants to invest them without seeing some kind of return.

How to Make Dating Apps Work for You

Alright, you’ve heard why online dating isn’t a waste of time and why it might feel like it is. But the question remains: How do you turn this tool into an asset rather than a frustration? Below are some tips to get the most out of your online dating experience.

1. Quality Over Quantity

First things first, when it comes to messaging, focus on quality over quantity. We all know it’s tempting to play the numbers game, swiping right on everyone and sending the same generic message.

But doing so usually results in a lot of superficial conversations that go nowhere.

Take time to read profiles, and send a personalized message. It’ll not only make you stand out but also attract people who are genuinely interested in the same things you are.

2. Be Honest, Be Yourself

Your profile is your first impression, so make it count. Use current photos and be honest in your bio.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If you’re into video games, say it. If you’re not into the party scene, make it known.

Authenticity attracts authenticity.

3. Don’t Overthink the Opening Line

A lot of guys get stuck on crafting the perfect opening line. Yes, “Hey, how’s it going?” may not win you points for originality, but it’s also not going to send someone running for the hills.

The point is to start a conversation, not win a Pulitzer.

4. Move to Offline Meeting Sooner

One mistake many guys make is keeping conversations online for too long. The point of dating apps is to date, right?

So, if you’re hitting it off with someone, make plans to meet in person. That’s the best way to see if you have real chemistry.

5. Keep Expectations in Check

Finally, it’s crucial to manage your expectations. Not every match will turn into a meaningful relationship, and that’s perfectly okay.

The goal is to get better at navigating the online dating world and to have some good conversations and meet interesting people along the way.


So yes, we get it. Online dating can feel like you’re slogging through a swamp sometimes, hoping to find a lotus but instead finding yourself knee-deep in mud.

However, keep in mind that like any other form of dating, it’s a process. These pitfalls don’t negate the platform’s potential; they’re challenges to expect.

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