Why Do Only Ugly Guys Like Me On Dating Apps? 4 Reasons

Why Do Only Ugly Guys Like Me On Dating Apps? 4 Reasons

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Dating apps are a mixed bag, offering a range of experiences from euphoric love-at-first-sight moments to frustrating encounters with people you’d rather not have met.

If you find yourself thinking, ‘Why is it that only guys I’m not attracted to are interested in me?’, you might be falling into some common traps that skew your dating app experience.

Why Do Only Ugly Guys Like Me On Dating Apps? 4 Reasons

It’s Not You; It’s The Algorithm

Well, partially. Most dating apps use algorithms that consider a variety of factors like your location, age, and even the type of interactions you have on the platform.

They don’t know who you’re going to find attractive; they’re guessing based on data.

And guess what? Algorithms aren’t perfect. Just because they think you’d make beautiful babies with Guy A doesn’t mean you’ll even want to share a cup of coffee with him.

The Law of Large Numbers

Think about it…dating apps open up a pool of potential suitors much larger than what you’d encounter in your daily life.

So yes, you’re going to get a wider array of guys interested in you.

man choosing a girl from a number of number of girls leading to the Why Do Only Ugly Guys Like Me On Dating Apps

Within that array are men you might not find appealing, but that’s statistically probable, given the large sample size. When more people are involved, you’re bound to get a diverse range of interest—and that includes men you’re not attracted to.

Swipe Fatigue

Ever heard of decision fatigue?

It’s a real thing and can definitely apply to dating apps. When you’re swiping through dozens of profiles, it’s easy to become less discerning. Ironically, the more choices we have, the worse we are at making choices.

This may lead you to swipe right too much, or not even swipe at all.

And guess who’s still swiping right on you when you’re not at your best? You guessed it, the men you’re not that into.

It’s a Strategy

It’s important to note that men you might consider “less attractive” are more likely to swipe right on a greater variety of people, simply because they might face more competition or rejection.

They’re casting a wider net, and sometimes, that net includes you.

What to do if Only “Ugly Guys” Like Me On Dating Apps?

Okay, you’ve recognized the pattern, felt the frustration, and maybe even let out a few sighs. But what now?

Here are some steps you can take to better your experience and possibly find what you’re actually looking for.

Revise Your Profile

Let’s start with the basics: your profile. You might think that your bio doesn’t matter much, but you’d be surprised at how much it does.

Take some time to review what you’ve written and the photos you’ve uploaded. Does your profile reflect the kind of partner you’re interested in?

Are your pictures a true representation of who you are, and are they likely to attract the kind of person you want to date? Sometimes a little spring cleaning can go a long way.

Refine Your Search Criteria

Many dating apps allow you to set specific criteria for potential matches.

If you’ve been pretty lenient with these settings, consider tightening them up a bit. Adjust age range, distance, and even hobbies or interests if the app allows.

While you don’t want to be too restrictive, narrowing down your options can help filter out matches you’re not interested in.

Understand the App’s Features

Some apps offer premium features that allow for more advanced matching algorithms or give you the option to be featured more prominently for a certain period.

If you’re serious about finding a compatible match, investing a little might not be a bad idea. But read the fine print, understand what you’re getting, and decide whether it’s worth it for you.

Take Breaks When Needed

Swiping fatigue is real. If you’re swiping right and left for hours on end, you might lose perspective.

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A girl in white shirt fatigue by TInder

It’s a good idea to take breaks, step back, and maybe even delete the app for a while if it starts affecting your mental well-being. Trust me, the world of online dating will still be there when you get back.

Reconsider What Attraction Means To You

I know this might sound like I’m asking you to settle, but hear me out. If you’re finding that you’re consistently not attracted to the people who like you, it could be an opportunity to reassess what you’re looking for.

Is physical attraction the most important thing, or are there other qualities you value more in a partner?

This doesn’t mean you should swipe right on every person you’ve labeled as unattractive, but it does mean you might want to broaden your scope a bit.

Engage In Conversation

If you’re on the fence, why not have a conversation? Sometimes chemistry doesn’t appear in a profile picture or a clever bio. It takes a conversation to spark it.

So before ruling someone out completely, try having a short chat. You might be surprised at what you find.

Diversify Your Dating Strategies

Lastly, remember that dating apps are just one avenue to meet people. They’re convenient, but they don’t have a monopoly on your love life.

Consider engaging in activities that interest you and offer the opportunity to meet people organically.

Whether it’s joining a club, participating in a community event, or even asking friends for setups, diversifying your strategies can make a big difference in your love life.

In Conclusion

So the next time you find yourself lamenting, “Why do only ‘ugly guys’ like me?”, remind yourself that beauty is subjective, algorithms are unpredictable, and sometimes love shows up in the least expected places. Broaden your horizons, take a chance, and who knows? You may just find the perfect match who swipes right into your heart.

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