Hinge Boost Not Working? Here are things to know

Hinge Boost Not Working? Here are things to know

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Sometimes, even after we pay for a little extra spotlight, things don’t go as planned.

In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll walk through what Hinge Boost is, why it might not work the way you hoped, and what you can do about it.

Things to Know when Hinge Boost Not Working

When you’ve hit that ‘Boost’ button on Hinge, you’re hoping to be the star of the show for a while, right?

But if you’re sitting there with your coffee going cold, checking your phone with no new matches, you might be feeling a bit let down.

Let’s talk about what’s going on and what you should know.

First off, what is a Hinge Boost?

Tinder boost snapshot

Simply put, it’s a feature you can pay for that gives your profile more visibility to potential matches for a set time.

Think of it as cutting in line at your favorite coffee shop – it gets you noticed faster.

Now, if you’re not seeing results, there could be a few reasons.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Timing is everything.

Just like you wouldn’t go to a party when everyone’s leaving, you shouldn’t Boost your profile when few people are online.

Hinge gets busy in the evening, when people are relaxing at home and have time to look at their phones.

That’s when you should use your Boost.

If you do it in the morning or during work hours, fewer eyes will see you.

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It’s all about being seen by as many people as possible, and choosing the right time is key to that.

Think of it as picking the perfect hour to go fishing when all the fish are biting!

2. Your profile is your handshake.

When you meet someone for the first time, you shake hands, right?

Your Hinge profile is like that first handshake – it’s your chance to make a good impression.

If your profile has photos that are hard to see or don’t show your face clearly, it’s like a weak handshake – not very memorable.

And if your answers to Hinge’s questions are just one-word responses, it’s like not saying hello at all.

You want to use pictures that show your smile and write answers that tell a little story about you. That way, when you Boost, you’re sure to catch someone’s eye and maybe their interest too.

We had a very detailed article on profile pictures for dating apps written last month by our Founder, Praise Sunday.

You can check em’ out when you’ve got time.

3. Location, location, location.

Imagine you’re opening a small shop.

If you’re on a busy street, more people walk by and see your shop. But if you’re on a quiet side road, fewer people pass.

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It’s the same with your Hinge profile and using Boost.

If you live in a big city, there are lots of people using Hinge, so when you Boost, more people can see you.

But in a small town, there aren’t as many people on the app, so even with Boost, you might not get as much attention.

It’s not your fault—it’s just where you are.

So, if you’re in a less crowded place and not getting noticed, it might be because there aren’t many people around to notice you, not because you’re not interesting.

Keep this in mind when you’re thinking about why you might not be getting as many likes or messages as you hoped.

4. The tech side of things.

Sometimes things don’t work just right.

Maybe it’s your phone, or maybe it’s the Hinge app.

If you’ve bought a Boost and nothing happens, it could be a little tech problem. This is like when you click the remote and the TV doesn’t come on.

What do you do? You check the batteries, right?

For Boost, first, make sure your internet connection is good. If it’s not that, try turning the app off and on again.

Still no luck?

Then it’s time to ask for help. Hinge has a team to help with these problems.

Reach out to them. Tell them what’s wrong. They’re like the friendly mechanic who fixes your car. They can often sort out the issue so your Boost works and you get the matches you’re looking for.

When Boost Isn’t Enough

A man wondering what happens when Hinge boost isn't enough

Sometimes, even with a Hinge Boost, you might feel like you’re shouting into the wind without an echo.

You’ve done the Boost thing, but your phone is as quiet as a library on a Sunday morning. It’s frustrating, I know.

So, What now?

Well, Boost is just one part of the Hinge experience.

It’s basically similar to having a good fishing rod. It helps, but you still need the right bait and to know the best spots to catch fish.

So, let’s break down what else you can do to up your chances.

First, let’s talk about your profile again.

Yes, we’ve been there, but it’s super important.

Your pictures and your answers are your voice on Hinge.

They show who you are. Make sure they’re the best they can be. Smile in your photos. Be honest and fun in your answers. This helps people get to know the real you.

Next, be active.

It’s relatable to when you’re looking for a job. You don’t just apply and wait. You follow up, right?

On Hinge, send likes and comments. Start conversations. Show you’re interested. And do this regularly. It’s not just about being seen. It’s about being heard.

Then, there’s patience.

Sometimes, we want things to happen right away.

But good things take time.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a lot of matches quickly.

Keep using the app. Keep engaging with others. Relationships aren’t made in an instant.

Also, check your settings.

Maybe you’re not seeing many people because your filters are too narrow.

It’s like only looking for one type of job.

You might miss out on a great one just because it’s a bit different from what you thought you wanted.

Open up your filters a bit. Try meeting different kinds of people. You might be surprised.

And let’s not forget about the rest of your life.

Hinge is just an app. It’s not your whole world.

Spend time with friends and family. Try new things. Learn a skill.

When you live a full life, you become more interesting. And that makes you more attractive on Hinge too.

Finally, remember, it’s not a numbers game.

It’s about finding someone who gets you. So, when Boost isn’t enough, don’t think it’s all over.

It’s a chance to try something new. It’s a chance to grow.

In short, if your Hinge Boost isn’t giving you what you want, don’t lose hope.

Work on your profile. Be active. Be patient. Adjust your settings.

And live a full, interesting life.

That’s the best way to find someone who’s right for you, Boost or no Boost.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Boost is a tool, not a guarantee. It can help, but it’s not the only thing that counts. Your worth isn’t measured by “likes” or matches. The right person will appreciate you for who you are, Boost or no Boost.

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