“I Accidentally Super Swiped on Bumble” Here’s what to do

"I Accidentally Super Swiped on Bumble" Here's what to do

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We’ve all been there: scrolling through profiles, admiring pictures and bios, and then – oops! – an accidental Super Swipe on someone you didn’t intend to.

We’ve compiled a guide on what to do when you’ve accidentally hit that Super Swipe on Bumble.

Can You Undo a Superswipe on Bumble?

Alright, so let’s get straight into it. You’re probably here because you’ve just had that “Oh no!” moment on Bumble.

Accidental swipes happen, and superswipes can only be worse, as they cost money.

First, let’s break down how Bumble operates.

The app works primarily on a two-sided consent mechanism. This means both users must show interest before any conversation can take place. A Super Swipe, as you might know, is a paid feature that lets the other person know you’re really interested in them.

Now, onto the main concern: Can you undo that accidental Super Swipe?

Well, Bumble doesn’t have a direct “undo” feature for Super Swipes like it does for regular ones.

With a regular swipe, if you’re a Bumble Premium user, you do get the ‘Backtrack’ feature which lets you undo your last swipe. However, this doesn’t extend to Super Swipes.

Why? Well, the thinking might be that since Super Swipes cost users money, it’s a deliberate action and less likely to be done by accident. But, as we all know, accidents still happen.

If you’re on the receiving end of a Super Swipe and you swipe left, the other person will never know, and the connection won’t be made.

But if you’re the one who did the Super Swiping, there’s no direct way within the app to retract that action.

The bad about this is the fact that not everyone finds using Superswipes easy. People find it creepy and others a waste of money.

If you’re among these people, what can you do?

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What to do if you accidentally Superswipe on Bumble?

Alright, so you’ve confirmed that you can’t technically “undo” a Super Swipe on Bumble. It’s a bit of a bummer, I get it.

So let’s talk solutions and best practices for this situation. While there’s no magic wand to undo the action, there are some pragmatic ways you can handle it.

1. Wait

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes the best course of action is to wait. Remember, just because you’ve Super Swiped someone, doesn’t mean they’ll automatically swipe right on you.

They might not even be active on the app. If they do swipe left, they’ll never know you Super Swiped them, and you can move on without any awkwardness.

2. Be Honest If You Match

If the person you’ve accidentally Super Swiped swipes right and initiates contact, honesty is a good policy.

Politely mention that the Super Swipe was unintended but that you’re open to a conversation. You can say something like, “Hey there! Thanks for matching. I have to admit, I accidentally hit the Super Swipe button, but I’m glad we connected and am excited to get to know you better!”

If this doesn’t resonate with you, you could also choose to ignore it and flow, as long as you’re interested in the fellow.

If you’re someone who finds things like the SuperSwipe on Bumble and Roses on Hinge weird, you shouldn’t as the Superswipe is a bit mature on the receiving end.

3. Unmatch as a Last Resort

If you’re sure you have no interest in the person you’ve accidentally Super Swiped and they’ve matched with you, unmatching is an option.

But be cautious with this; it’s generally not seen as courteous and should be your last resort. If you choose this route, you’ll disappear from their match list, and any conversation will be deleted.

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4. Evaluate and Learn

While it may not undo the current situation, this accidental Super Swipe can be a good opportunity to evaluate how you’re using the app.

Are you swiping too quickly without paying attention? Take this moment to slow down and be more deliberate with your actions on the app. Consider it a small but valuable lesson in your online dating journey


While there isn’t a technical “undo” button for accidental Super Swipes, there’s always room for genuine conversation. Online dating can be unpredictable, but sometimes, those unexpected moments can lead to the best connections.

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