What Does Superswipe Look Like on Bumble?

What Does Superswipe Look Like on Bumble?

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Finding a meaningful connection on a dating app can be a challenge, unless you know your dating game right or are ready to spend money for premium features.

The Superswipe is just that one feature — it allows you to show your interest in a special way, just like the Rose on Hinge and the Superlike on Tinder.

But what does a Superswipe look like on Bumble? Let’s take a closer look at this feature, how it works, and whether it could be a good addition.

How Superswipe work on Bumble

Firstly, it’s essential to understand that the Superswipe isn’t just your regular swipe to the right, which indicates interest.

Think of it as the VIP of swipes. In Bumble’s ecosystem, a regular swipe means you like someone. A Superswipe, on the other hand, takes it a notch higher. It’s a definitive way of saying, “Hey, I’m really into you!”

Now, using the Superswipe feature isn’t as simple as the standard swipe, because it’s a premium feature.

To use it, you’ll need Bumble Coins.

Bumble Coins are basically the in-app currency used to access various premium features on Bumble. So, before you can make that bold move with a Superswipe, you’ll need to ensure you have some of these coins in your virtual wallet.

Once you’re all set with your Bumble Coins, using the Superswipe is pretty straightforward. (We’ll discuss the steps in the next section)

It’s natural to wonder why you’d want to use a Superswipe when a regular swipe is free.

Basically, the idea is to have your profile stand out, especially when the user you want to superswipe already has a lot of profiles swiping right on them.

It’s also worth noting that while the Superswipe does amplify your interest, mutual interest are still much more important.

Just because you’ve Superswiped someone doesn’t automatically mean a match. The other party will have to swipe right on your profile, indicating mutual interest, to make that coveted connection.

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What Does Superswipe Look Like on Bumble?

As we explained, the Superswipe is Bumble’s version of what some might call a “super like.” In simple terms, it’s a way to signal to someone that you’re really into them.

So what does it look like? We’ll explain this both on the sending and receiving end. Keep calm.

Firstly, how do you spot the Superswipe?

On your Bumble interface, while browsing through profiles, you’ll notice a yellow heart icon at the bottom of the screen.

What the superswipe looks like using it on a profile

That’s the Superswipe. Tapping this icon indicates that you want to make a more profound impression, basically a SuperSwipe, on the person whose profile you’re viewing.

You should be careful with it, it’s easy to accidentally use it if you have Bumble coins.

Okay, but what does it look like on the receiving end?

If you’re on the other side and someone Superswipes you, it’s pretty straightforward as well.

When you come across their profile, there will be a badge indicating that someone has used a Superswipe on you. This shows up with a short animation that pops up with the superswipe symbol down below your screen.

What the superswipe looks like when you receive one

It doesn’t show the name and photo behind the super swipe at first, not until the user taps on it.

You’ll also notice a rounded yellow icon on their profile when they’ve SuperSwiped you…

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What the superswipe would like in a match queue

Compared to other dating platforms, the SuperSwipe on Bumble is the less cheesy of its kind. No flowers thrown around. No firework-like animation. Just some matured notification. A good thing if you ask me.

Most importantly, the user on the receiving end would notice the SuperSwipe and never find it cringe.

How frequently is ideal to use Superswipe on Bumble

1. Use it Sparingly: You might be tempted to use Superswipe on every profile that catches your eye. But remember, it’s not about the quantity of Superswipes you send, but rather the quality of the profiles you choose. Reserve it for those special profiles that really resonate with you.

2. Keep Your Budget in Mind: Remember that Superswipes aren’t free, and it’s crucial to use them wisely. Determine how much you’re willing to spend on Bumble and use your Superswipes accordingly. This way, you won’t find yourself tapping the yellow heart too often.

3. Evaluate Your Responses: If you’re using Superswipes regularly but not getting any positive feedback, maybe it’s time to slow down a bit. On the other hand, if you’re enjoying meaningful interactions after sending a Superswipe, perhaps your frequency is just right.

4. Go with Your Gut: At the end of the day, there’s no set rule for the ideal frequency of using Superswipe. Trust your intuition and do what feels right. After all, online dating is a personal journey, and it should reflect your preferences and style.

Final Thoughts

The Superswipe feature is could be a good feature to add to your arsenal, if you know how to use it right.

To use it is pretty easy and how it looks to the receiver is also fairly good. Not cringy, basically.

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