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The ‘A Life Goal of Mine’ prompt is a tricky one. Too vague, and you come across as uninteresting; too specific, and you might alienate someone who doesn’t share that exact dream.

But we’ve all got goals, but how do you make them sound as cool as they feel in your head?

The key? Finding the balance between aspirational and accessible.

Stick around as we share our approach to this prompot.

How to answer the “A life Goal of Mine” Hinge Prompt

Step 1: Be Honest, But Not Too Serious

Your first instinct might be to go for the noble or impressive goals, like “Climbing Mount Everest” or “Winning a Nobel Prize.”

But hey, not every life goal has to be lofty or ultra-serious. It’s okay to have fun with this prompt!

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make the perfect sourdough bread, that’s a valid life goal too. People appreciate authenticity, and a blend of serious and playful goals can make you come across as a well-rounded individual.

Step 2: Make It Personal Yet Universal

The goal here is to share something that speaks to who you are while resonating with others. Are you into environmental sustainability? Great!

Your life goal could be about that, but make sure you frame it in a way that a majority of people can relate to or be inspired by.

Think about how your goal can solve a larger issue, like “Creating a line of sustainable fast fashion that doesn’t compromise on style.”

Step 3: Blend Realism with Creativity

Sure, saying you want to be the first person to set foot on Mars is great, but is it realistic within your lifetime? If yes, fantastic! If not, aim for something a bit more down to earth but still creative.

Something like, “Develop an app that translates baby cries into English,” not only showcases creativity but is also grounded in reality.

While that’s not neccessarily feasible unless you’re a genius, it shows you’re curious and could be thoughtful — that’s of course, the goal of the prompt.

Step 4: Add a Dash of Humor (but don’t force it)

Humor is a social lubricant; it can turn an awkward interaction into a memorable one.

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If you can inject a little humor into your life goal without overshadowing the intent, go for it.

Just ensure it doesn’t dilute the seriousness of your goal, especially if it’s about something crucial like solving world hunger or battling climate change.

Step 5: Keep It Brief, But Impactful

You don’t have a lot of words to work with, so make every word count.

Avoid clichés like “I want to be happy” (because, honestly, who doesn’t?). Instead, go for something specific and concrete. It’s the details that will make your profile stand out.

The complete list of “A Life Goal of Mine” Hinge Answers

For simplicity and easy comprehension, we grouped the list of 110+ answers into sections based on the topic you’d want to put on your profile.

Funny Answers

A Life Goal of Mine hinge answers: Learn to tell dad jokes so well that someone actually calls me "Pops."

A Life Goal of Mine:

  1. Ensure pizza becomes an acceptable breakfast choice worldwide.
  2. To outwit a GPS system by making a turn it didn’t expect. Checkmate, Siri!
  3. Win a dad joke duel against an actual dad.
  4. Start a band called “404” and then refuse to show up at any gigs.
  5. Find out what my cat named me.
  6. Master the art of cooking minute rice in 58 seconds.
  7. Use a metal detector to find another metal detector.
  8. Convince people that my middle name is “The” and insist they always include it.
  9. Create an origami army strong enough to overthrow a small dollhouse.
  10. Invent a holiday and then sell merchandise for it.
  11. Convince people I’ve found the secret to eternal youth, then never reveal it.
  12. Challenge a mime to a dance-off and win.
  13. Make “fetch” happen.
  14. Convince the world that an optimal diet consists of pizza, ice cream, and superhero movies.
  15. To get on a reality show as the guy who’s there “just to make friends.”
  16. Become a chocolate chip cookie critic. Yes, it’s a thing… in my dreams.
  17. Write a self-help book for plants (“How to Grow On Your Own”).
  18. Star in a low-budget superhero film as “Captain Obvious.”
  19. Open a pop-up shop that sells only bubble wrap.
  20. Learn to tell dad jokes so well that someone actually calls me “Pops.”
  21. Become a voiceover artist for GPS, specializing in sarcastic directions.

Goals focused on revolutionizing food options by making them healthier, more environmentally friendly, or both.

A Life Goal of Mine hinge answers: Invent a chocolate that's low in calorie and safe for diabetic patients.

A Life Goal of Mine:

  1. Invent an ice cream that’s fortified with vitamins. Health and hedonism in one scoop.
  2. Out-cook a grandma in a spaghetti-making contest. Yeah, it’s ambitious.
  3. Create a dessert so decadent that it comes with a liability waiver.
  4. Invent a chocolate that’s low in calorie and safe for diabetic patients.
  5. Produce burgers made of lean protein and enriched with Omega-3s.
  6. Design a hotdog with a whole-grain bun and plant-based sausage that’s high in protein but low in saturated fats.
  7. Invent calorie-free doughnuts.
  8. Ensure pizza becomes an acceptable breakfast choice worldwide.
  9. Master the art of French cooking.
  10. Master the craft of brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Technological Advancements

Goals aimed at using technology to solve everyday problems, from language barriers to lost items.

A Life Goal of Mine hinge answers:Develop an app that translates baby cries into English.

A Life Goal of Mine:

  1. Develop an app that translates baby cries into English.
  2. Develop an app that translates baby babble to my preferred langauge.
  3. Design an app that helps you locate your misplaced glasses.
  4. Engineer a car that runs on food waste.
  5. Invent a refrigerator that sends edible leftovers directly to food banks when they’re about to expire.
  6. Develop an algorithm to predict the next big internet sensation; likely another cat video. 🤦‍♂️
  7. Invent shoes that convert kinetic energy to electricity. Charge as you walk! Would be a game-changer for college students
  8. Create an app that translates passive-aggressive comments into straightforward language.
  9. Develop an app that solves a specific problem in my community.
  10. Develop a video game with a compelling story and interactive features.

Goals that relate to personal growth, mental well-being, and healthy daily routines.

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A Life Goal of Mine hinge answers:Land a job as a mattress tester and perfect the snooze button technique.

A Life Goal of Mine:

  1. Launch a podcast that teaches critical thinking skills—delivered in the form of comedy skits.
  2. Develop an ‘Overthinker’s Guide to Decisiveness’.
  3. Engineer an AI assistant that reminds people to hydrate, stand, and compliment themselves hourly.
  4. Create a desk plant that droops when you’ve been inactive too long, reminding you to stretch or walk.
  5. Master the art of throwing a boomerang so it actually returns; currently, it’s a stick.
  6. Master the ability to parallel park in one try, every time, so I can look back at onlookers with pride.
  7. Land a job as a mattress tester and perfect the snooze button technique.
  8. Become so good at karaoke that people start paying me to stop.
  9. Learn to yodel well enough to be considered a public nuisance.
  10. Run a marathon before I turn 40.
  11. Speak three languages fluently.
  12. Learn to play a musical instrument well enough to perform in public.
  13. Achieve financial independence before retirement age.
  14. Read all the Pulitzer Prize-winning novels.
  15. Get a black belt in a martial art.
  16. Complete a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle without looking at the picture.

Humorous Goals

Light-hearted and entertaining life goals that bring a touch of humor or fantasy into everyday life.

A life goal of mine hinge answers: To master the art of looking busy at work while I'm actually just watching cat videos.

A Life Goal of Mine:

  1. Figure out how to plant M&Ms and grow a chocolate tree.
  2. To master the art of looking busy at work while I’m actually just watching cat videos.
  3. Successfully train my pet rock to roll over on command.
  4. Beat the squirrels in a staring contest.
  5. Create an underground club for people who still can’t dance the Macarena right.
  6. Build a time machine just to go back and high-five myself.
  7. Discover Bigfoot but keep him as my little secret.
  8. Successfully hide a fake treasure map in a library book.
  9. Create a ‘common sense’ vaccine.
  10. Invent a ‘mute’ button for life’s awkward situations.
  11. Voice a character in an animated film, preferably one that becomes a meme.

Social Initiatives

Goals aimed at contributing to society or specific communities through innovative ideas and services.

A life goal of mine hinge answers: Start a reality TV show that actually solves global issues.

A Life Goal of Mine:

  1. Launch a startup that rents out affectionate puppies for people having bad days.
  2. Start a successful petition for a nap time at work. The Siesta Movement!
  3. Initiate a global ‘Plant a Tree Day,’ turning carbon footprints into leafy green handprints.
  4. Launch ‘Connect-A-Gran,’ a service that pairs isolated elderly folks with youngsters keen to learn life stories and wisdom.
  5. Start a campaign where for every viral dance trend, a tree is planted. Dance for Deforestation!
  6. Start a coffee shop where every brew funds clean water projects. Call it ‘Brewing Benevolence.’
  7. Spend a year going to every major festival in the world; because why not?
  8. Start a reality TV show that actually solves global issues.
  9. Launch a nonprofit that converts online debates into productive policy discussions.
  10. Create a scholarship fund for underprivileged students.
  11. Volunteer for a year in a foreign country.
  12. Establish a charity for a cause close to my heart.

Comfort & Convenience

Goals focused on making life easier or more enjoyable, often in simple but effective ways.

A life goal of mine hinge answers: Open a spa where the only treatment is uninterrupted sleep.

A Life Goal of Mine:

  1. Create a sock subscription service where, for every lost sock, a perfect replacement magically appears.
  2. Open a spa where the only treatment is uninterrupted sleep.
  3. Invent an alarm clock that emits the aroma of fresh bacon.
  4. Build a water-saving shower that serenades you with compliments. ‘You save water and look great doing it!’
  5. Design my own sneaker line, where comfort meets questionable fashion choices.
  6. Build a self-sustaining vegetable garden in my backyard.
  7. Achieve a zero-waste lifestyle for at least a year.

Adventures and Experiences

Goals that involve unique and adventurous experiences that usually require some form of travel or outdoor activity.

A life goal of mine hinge answers: Complete a solo skydiving jump.

A Life Goal of Mine:

  1. Organize a treasure hunt across multiple states, with the treasure being an IOU note.
  2. Build a sandcastle so elaborate it gets its own feature in an architecture magazine.
  3. Visit the world’s smallest country, because sometimes size doesn’t matter.
  4. Design a board game that ends friendships quicker than Monopoly.
  5. Construct an igloo sturdy enough to withstand a snowball assault.
  6. Lead a parade, preferably one where candy is thrown and not beads.
  7. Host an ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ show where all the mysteries are just magic tricks I can’t figure out.
  8. Complete a solo skydiving jump.
  9. Learn to sail and participate in a local regatta.

Creative Expression

Goals centered around the arts, literature, and any form of creative expression.

A life goal of mine hinge answers: Experience all Seven Wonders of the World.

A Life Goal of Mine:

  1. Write a mystery novel where the killer is revealed to be ‘procrastination.’ But to be honest, it’s going to be helpful.
  2. Publish a novel that impacts readers emotionally and intellectually.
  3. Write and direct a short film.
  4. Host a successful podcast series on a topic I’m passionate about.
  5. Teach a course in a subject I’m passionate about.
  6. Backpack through Europe, visiting at least 10 countries.
  7. Experience all Seven Wonders of the World.
  8. Climb one of the Seven Summits.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Craftsmanship

Goals that involve hands-on activities and building something from scratch.

A life goal of mine hinge answers: Build a robot capable of performing simple tasks.

A Life Goal of Mine:

  1. Build a treehouse with my own hands.
  2. Restore an old car from scratch.
  3. Build a piece of furniture without using any power tools.
  4. Restore a piece of antique furniture to its former glory.
  5. Convert a van into a livable space and go on a cross-country road trip.
  6. Make my own clothing for a year.
  7. Build a robot capable of performing simple tasks.
  8. Grow a prize-winning flower in a gardening competition.
  9. Build a tiny home.
  10. Raise bees and produce my own honey.


And there you have it—a straight-shooting guide to formulating your “A Life Goal of Mine” response. Keep it personal, keep it real, maybe make ’em laugh, and above all, make ’em think. Good luck!

Quick tip: you’re always free to use any of the answers above personally and perhaps, modify if you need to!

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