70+ ‘I get way too excited about’ Bumble Answers

70+ 'I get way too excited about' Bumble Answers

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Online dating can often feel like a tricky endeavor, but having a well-thought-out profile is your ticket to attracting meaningful connections.

One of the whimsical prompts Bumble offers is, “I get way too excited about,” which invites you to share a snippet of what ignites your enthusiasm.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to crafting an engaging and authentic answer to this prompt as well as a list of over 70 answers you could steal from.

How to Answer the ‘I get way too excited about’ Prompt on Bumble

Step 1: Self-Reflection

Before you dive into answering this prompt, take a moment to reflect on what genuinely excites you in life.

It could be as simple as the first sip of coffee in the morning or as whimsical as spotting a rainbow after a summer rain. The key is to pick something that resonates with you on a personal level, as authenticity tends to resonate with others.

Step 2: Be Specific

Specificity is the spice of a good Bumble answer.

Instead of saying “I love music,” you might say, “The anticipation of waiting for my favorite band’s new album to drop.”

Being specific not only paints a clearer picture of your personality but also serves as a great conversation starter.

Step 3: Infuse Personality

This is your chance to infuse a dash of your unique personality into your profile. Are you a hopeless romantic, a witty comedian, a curious adventurer, or a thoughtful introvert?

Your answer to this prompt can give a hint of your personality.

For instance, if you’re an outdoorsy person, you might get excited about “The adventure of geocaching in a new city.”

Alternatively, if you are a food enthusiast, “The joy of discovering a quaint, hidden bakery” might be your cup of tea.

Step 4: Keep it Light and Positive

People are drawn to positivity and a good sense of humor.

Ensure your answer is framed in a positive light and reflects a joyful or playful aspect of your personality.

Whether it’s the “whimsy of a spontaneous dance party” or the “satisfaction of a perfectly organized bookshelf,” keeping it light and positive is likely to intrigue and attract like-minded individuals.

Our list of ‘I get way too excited about’ Bumble Answers

Simple Pleasures:

These are the little things that bring comfort or a brief moment of happiness, often overlooked but deeply personal.

I get way too excited about bumble answers: When my phone hits 100% battery

I get way too excited about:

  1. “The charm of a worn, comfy sweater on a chilly morning”
  2. “Fresh bed sheet”
  3. “The smell of old books”
  4. “Catching the golden hour sunlight”
  5. “When my phone hits 100% battery”
  6. “The first bite of a homegrown tomato”
  7. “The satisfaction of finishing a challenging puzzle”
  8. “The joy of a clean and organized workspace”
  9. “When my plants sprout new leaves”
  10. “The simplicity of a clear night sky full of stars”
  11. “When the WiFi connects automatically”
  12. “The allure of a freshly baked loaf of bread”
  13. “Finding the extra fry at the bottom of the bag”
  14. “The beauty of a perfectly brewed cup of tea”
  15. “The delight of a lazy Sunday morning”
  16. “The satisfaction of a freshly vacuumed carpet”
  17. “The cozy feeling of a rainy day with a good book”
  18. “The relief of finding my keys after a frantic search”
  19. “The ritual of brewing the perfect cup of afternoon tea”
  20. “The quiet beauty of a foggy morning”
  21. “The comfort of a familiar movie”

Food Discoveries:

The joy of discovering new flavors or having a satisfying food experience.

I get way too excited about bumble answers: Finding a new favorite food truck

I get way too excited about:

  1. “Finding a new favorite food truck”
  2. “Testing out a new recipe and nailing it”
  3. “Finding a perfectly ripe avocado at the grocery store”
  4. “The joy of cooking for loved ones”
  5. “The wonder of a fresh farmer’s market”
  6. “The joy of baking cookies from scratch”
  7. “When the barista gets my coffee order just right”
  8. “The discovery of a charming, quaint café”

Seasonal Changes:

Description: The beauty and excitement brought about by changing seasons and weather phenomena.

I get way too excited about:

  1. “The first snowflake of winter”
  2. “Watching the storm roll in over the ocean
  3. “The instant cool of jumping into a lake on a hot day”
  4. “The warmth of a bonfire on a chilly night”
  5. “The anticipation of the holidays”

Art and Media:

The emotional and aesthetic stimulation from engaging with various forms of art and media.

I get way too excited about bumble answers:  Making the perfect playlist for my mood

I get way too excited about:

  1. “Discovering hidden street art”
  2. “The moment the lights dim in a movie theater”
  3. “When my favorite band releases a new album”
  4. “Making the perfect playlist for my mood”
  5. “Finding a new podcast that speaks to my soul”
  6. “Hearing my favorite song on the radio”
  7. “The spark of a new creative project”
  8. “When my favorite author announces a new book”
  9. “The allure of discovering a hidden gem on a playlist”
  10. “The nostalgia of a classic video game marathon”
  11. “The rush of a live concert experience”

Adventure and Exploration:

The exhilaration of stepping into the unknown, and exploring new places and experiences.

I get way too excited about bumble answers:  When the GPS takes me through a scenic route unexpectedly

I get way too excited about:

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  1. “The thrill of a spontaneous road trip”
  2. “Chasing sunsets in new cities”
  3. “The mystery of exploring a new hiking trail”
  4. “The excitement of booking a last-minute flight”
  5. “When the GPS takes me through a scenic route unexpectedly”
  6. “The adventure of geocaching”
  7. “The anticipation of trying a new workout class”
  8. “The nostalgia of finding a toy from my childhood”
  9. “The allure of a vintage flea market”
  10. “The thrill of a flea market bargain”
  11. “A successful DIY project”
  12. “The simplicity of a picnic in the park”
  13. “The feeling of sand between my toes at the beach”

Social and Shared Interests:

The joy of connecting with others over shared interests or hobbies.

I get way too excited about bumble answers: Meeting someone who shares my obscure hobby

I get way too excited about:

  1. “Meeting someone who shares my obscure hobby”
  2. “The suspense of waiting for a package delivery”
  3. “The charm of a small-town festival”
  4. “The serenity of a deserted beach”
  5. “The magic of a perfectly timed photograph”
  6. “The excitement of game night with friends”
  7. “The fun of dressing up for a themed party”
  8. “The discovery of a forgotten $20 bill in my pocket”

Personal Growth and Achievement:

I get way too excited about bumble answers: The satisfaction of a well-timed witty comeback

I get way too excited about:

  1. “The fascination of learning a new word”
  2. “The accomplishment of hitting a personal fitness goal”
  3. “The satisfaction of a well-timed witty comeback”
  4. “The challenge of learning a new skill or hobby”
  5. “The tranquility of a morning yoga session”


The “I get way too excited about” prompt is a canvas for you to paint a picture of your passions and everyday joys. Through self-reflection, creativity, relatability, and brevity, you can craft an answer that resonates with potential matches.

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